Interior Painting

The key to a great interior paint job is the preparation. I often describe painting as baking a cake. All you see is the pretty icing and not all the necessary work to make the cake.

We take time to ensure that all the necessary preparations are completed to provide an excellent job to our clients in Cedar Rapids.

This includes:

  • Making sure the surface that’s to be painted is clean.
  • That all the necessary sanding is completed.
  • That any necessary caulking is completed.
  • Taking time to fill any holes in the surface.
  • Ensuring flooring is covered.
  • Taking time to mask up.
  • Protecting your furniture by covering them with plastic.

We use paint from local stores like Diamond Vogel and Sherwin Williams.

Once our work is complete we take you on a walk through to make sure you’re totally satisfied with your new space.


Deck and Fence Staining

Decks to Halls is proud to be the leading Restoration Company for Wood Decks in Cedar Rapids, IA and the surrounding area. We have built our reputation, one happy customer at a time.

Decks and Fences under 6 months old.

Newer decks in the Cedar Rapids area (usually under 6 months) typically receive our staining and sealing service. Not only does our stain beautify your deck, but it seals it and protects it for years to come!

If your deck is new and in great shape, this is your best choice!

Decks and Fences over 6 months but in good shape.

Slightly older decks that are still in reasonably good condition in the Cedar Rapids area benefit from our clean and stain service. Not only is our team expertly trained in every facet of this process, but we use the industry’s best and safest products.

If your deck needs cleaning before we stain and seal it, this is your best option.

Old Decks and Fence that need a lot of work!

Before you replace your deck, have us complete a full evaluation! Many Cedar Rapids area homeowners are surprised that they can not only save their deck, but it looks amazing once we have finished our deck restoration process!

If your deck appears to be in poor condition, our deck restoration service is your best option.


Key Benefits of Staining and Sealing

Without a quality sealant applied at proper intervals, the life of any natural wood product is greatly compromised. Michael continues to educate himself on all the best products and techniques to ensure an excellent job. We make sure to go over and above for every project to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Stained Decks Look Better!

There are amazing benefits to staining and sealing your deck, but the truth is that the #1 reason people are usually interested in staining their deck is because it simply looks better! We use a wide array of the most popular stain colors to ensure that your deck meets your own unique style and preferences.

Stop Decks From Twisting and Warping!

The stain we use protects your deck/fence from twisting and warping by keeping your wood healthy with our conditioning oils that penetrate down to the very center of the wood. Healthy protected wood resists twisting and warping problems that are common with unprotected wood decks.

Your Deck/Fence Will Last Longer!

Lets face it, wood takes a beating from the sun and from weather. Its no wonder that older decks can age so fast and begin to break down in just a couple of years. Our staining and sealing service for the greater Cedar Rapids area protects your deck/fence from UV damage and water damage caused by the weather. This will extend the life of your fence for many years – saving you money in the long run, while looking great the entire time!

Stain we use

Our preferred tried and trusted stain is called Expert Stain and Seal. This we get shipped direct from the manufacturer in Nashville, TN.